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Police Tactics Books

Terrorism, Safety and Situational awareness

The Swat Cyclopedia: A Handy Desk Reference of Terms, Techniques, and Strategies Associated With the Police Special Weapons and Tactics Function
Richard A. Haynes  More Info

Defensive Tactics: Modern Arrest and Control Techniques for Today's Police Warrior [DEFENSIVE TACTICS]
Loren W.(Author) Christensen  More Info

The Thinking Officer's Guide to Police Defensive Tactics
Perry William Kelly  More Info

SWAT Battle Tactics: How to Organize, Train, and Equip a SWAT Team for Law Enforcement or Self-Defense
Pat Cascio  More Info

Advanced Vehicle Stop Tactics: Skills for Today's Survival Conscious Officer
Michael T. Rayburn  More Info

Modern Law Enforcement Weapons and Tactics
Tom Ferguson  More Info

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